Counselling & Support

Counseling operates from a wellness perspective, which emphasizes moving toward optimal human functioning in mind, body, spirit and away from distress, dysfunction, and mental illness. Counseling also views wellness and pathology as development in nature and takes into consideration all levels of a client's environment when conducting assessment and treatment. It addresses the psychological concerns and helps them achieve their intellectual and personal goals.

Counseling offers guidance to individuals, couples, families and groups that are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being. Counseling treats many of the same problems as other psychologists: depression and anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, personality disorders, and any mental health issues.


Living with someone with Bipolar disorder

My mom is a sufferer of bipolar disorder. Her condition first developed when..

-- Anonymous

State of well-being

Mental health is a “state of well-being in which we are able to develop our unique potential, cope with the stressors of life, work productively and fruitfully, build strong,

-- Anonymous

On Anxiety & Freedom: Saurav's Story

Neurosis is a living hell for those who suffer from it since it creates an entropy of chaos and order in our mental faculties. An individual seems normal from the outside, but his/her daily life is affected in an unprecedented way.

-- Saurav