Join Hands: Participate And Support

Participate in our campaigns, share information, invite friends to learn more about mental health in our website. You can also Volunteer with us and fundraise for our works. If a specific project to spread the news or to participate in raising awareness in your school, workplace and community interests you, get in touch with us and let us know how best we can be of help.

Please remember no work, no deed, no action is too small.

Organize events

If you are a college student or staff member, organize mental health awareness events on Mental health. Get in touch with us for materials and other support.

Start a discussion

Start a discussion among friends and collogues on mental health. Share information you have and lead them to for further information.

Create social media graphics with correct messages

Create innovative images messages. Ensure the message is correct and meet ethical standards. Feel free to share it with us and we will be happy to review them,

Take a pledge

Take a pledge and encourage others to take the pledge to end mental health stigma

Create a fundraising event

Survivors is committed to maintain and expand this information pool for a long time and would not want to rely on external funding. Big or small, organize fundraising events. It can be birthday parties, to a football match, it can also be Dashain event or just a picnic or a concert. It does not have to be complicated and big. Learn more about our zero-management cost commitment (link) of spending all the private donation to the project. Survivors, openly or in discuses does not use personal donation in its administrative work.

Participate in the events

Events like world mental health day and other similar events are announced in our website and our Facebook page. Like our Facebook page for updates and participate in the events, help us spread the word.

Talk About Mental Illness In your Workplace

The workplace is the most important environment to discuss mental health and illness, yet it is the last place we expect to hear about it.

Employees are afraid of discussing it with co-workers because they are scared of stigma. They are scared of taking to their bosses, as they don’t want to lose their jobs, damage relationships or risk future employers learning of illnesses and judging them. The stigma of mental illness keeps them silent.

Employers have the opportunity to change this climate of fear regarding mental health at the workplace. They rarely do, though. Significant number of employee’s mental health conditions are undiagnosed or untreated. Speaking (positively) about mental health at workplace can pave way for more supportive environment for all the staff members for their mental well-being.

Survivors organizes a half a day orientation event for workplaces on mental health. Please email us at if you want to organize such a orientation in your workplace.


Living with someone with Bipolar disorder

My mom is a sufferer of bipolar disorder. Her condition first developed when..

-- Anonymous

State of well-being

Mental health is a “state of well-being in which we are able to develop our unique potential, cope with the stressors of life, work productively and fruitfully, build strong,

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On Anxiety & Freedom: Saurav's Story

Neurosis is a living hell for those who suffer from it since it creates an entropy of chaos and order in our mental faculties. An individual seems normal from the outside, but his/her daily life is affected in an unprecedented way.

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